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Memory, Art History, popular culture, the representation of the human body, the attempt to balance opposing tendencies, are the pillars of the construction of my works, but not the point of origin, that is reserved for the search

of an interior homeostasis. 
In an outside world taken by instability, where I am, we all are, forced

to live daily with the inconceivable, the possibility of turning to artistic work,

is of great value, a turn to the soul, to an inner safer world.

From the contrast of these worlds, works are born that tend to be an eclectic combination of multiple references, integrating seemingly incompatible elements and origins, often opposed or some times reminiscent of an almost lost rustic quality.

Their development takes place at the confluence of the fundamental forces

of Nature and the place of  humanity as an element, among others,

of a wider context. Between phenomenon and essence, action and result,

in a search for symbolic representation of the complexities of life, included

in a technically advanced society but paradoxically in growing difficulties in human terms, by questioning the place it occupies in the Universe.

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